Our shop is fully stocked with a variety of fun and colorful items that will help warm up you garden or home. We have bird feeders, metal sculptures, wind chimes, candles, beautiful scarves, wall hangings, planter features, and many more unique items that are specially selected each year. 

We are a full service landscape company offering services such as lawn care, planting, hardscaping, patio installation, path installation, irrigation work, lawn installation, and many other services. Visit our portfolio tab for examples of past projects or to help you get an idea of what you're looking to get started.


Next to our garden center you will find our shrub yard which we keep stocked with many trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers. If you can't find the specific item that you're searching for let us know and we can custom order it for you.

​​​​We're not just about the warm weather. We have a full arsenal of trucks and machines to move the snow for your commercial and residential needs. We also offer sanding, salting, and shoveling services. Call 715-479-5852 for an estimate.

Outside of our shop you will find our garden center. Here we have a variety of colorful hanging baskets, and individual flowers and grasses to plant. The garden center is also where you will find the tools needed to complete your custom garden vision such as spades, rakes, fertilizer, gardening gloves, plant food, and many flower pots/planters of all shapes, sizes, and colors.